Classes & Workshops


Cultivating an Intuitive Life - A yearlong course

This course is about knowing oneself from a compassionate and truthful place within and reflecting it outward. The title of the course comes from the deeper meaning of intuition- to look inward. 

What I offer in this course is the opportunity for an engaged real-time relationship with your soulful self. The part of you that is light in nature and has access to the expression of soul's purpose in this life. We are led to think that our spirit is somehow separate from us. This limiting story can keep you from seeing your true nature and its presence within.

The access point of intuitive knowledge for all humans comes through soul and soul's universal mission to heal and grow. To heal and grow within the soul is a journey inward to the still-point of the self. This journey is expressed through the one-year course, Cultivating of an Intuitive Life.

Course information- The Cultivation of an Intuitive Life- The course is taught on a monthly basis, 4 hours per class, over a 12 month time period. Enrollment is on a rolling basis. Go to Upcoming Events for next start date. Call or email Martin to questions or to register for this month's start date. The course includes all class time as well as ongoing mentoring in person or by phone over that 12 month period. Acupuncture sessions are not included in the pricing and will be recommended on an individualized basis.

The course offers individualized homework and practice. The individualized homework and practice are the centerpiece of the course and will require a deep commitment to presence for each student. In-class coursework is taught with a combination of lecture, discussion, practice and individualized guidance.

The course cost is $1020 or $85 per 4-hour class. Payment plan choices are as follows: Payment in full by cash or check by the first day of class offers a $50 discount making the course $970 or a 3 payment plan of $340 at the 1st, 4th and 8th classes. Hardship payment plans are available upon request.


Conscious Empathy: Healing A Divided World

In this 2-4 hour workshop we explore through stillness practice, lecture and discussion the following topics:

-the role of presence and deep listening as a way to connect with deep listening both within and with others.

-the practice of vulnerability as a superpower.

-the interplay between compassion and empathy.

-the importance of being natural and the difference between habituated choices and being natural within presence.

We will also explore empathy as a tool in effective or conscious disagreement as well as the empathic doorways or awarenesses: cognitive, emotional and somatic empathy.

This is a workshop that is intended to be offered within a diversity of communities throughout central Maryland and Washington DC. Contact Martin if interested in bringing this workshop to your community.

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A Conscious Approach to the Beatitudes: The Inner Work of Yeshua ben Joseph

This course offers a conscious non-dogmatic non-doctrinal approach to the Beatitudes, providing an opportunity to see the relevance of the core work of Yeshua ben Joseph in connecting our day-to-day lives with our deepest intention to Heal & Grow. The birth name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua ben Joseph (Yeshua son of Joseph) is used in the title of the course to discern this course as consciousness work versus a religious course. The intention is to recognize within all of us, in conscious practice,  the Beatitudes or blessings. For an in-depth exploration of the course, go to the journal entry A Conscious Approach to the Beatitudes

Offered every week from 630pm-830pm beginning next March 6th 2019.  The course is not a drop-in class and individuals who choose to take the course will be committing to a full 8 session course. Go to Upcoming Events for details.

Registration is limited to 8 students.

Course Fee: $200 payable at registration by cash, check or credit card



Integral Kundalini Awakening

Integral-essential, intrinsic, fundamental

Kundalini- an energy at rest sitting at the base of the spine that through conscious practice is brought into movement or flow. A flow that arises within the energy body of the chakras, bringing within its rising a union of yin and yang. A consciousness shift occurs with a profound sense of deepened connection with the soul. A sensation of deep quiet unfolds with the sense that one has fallen into a deep ocean or desert of still consciousness.

Awakening-an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware

The Integral Kundalini Awakening intensive serves as a catalyst in personal growth by giving focused intention into the kundalini as a point of healing & growth. Refinements are taught within the Microcosmic Orbit and the Chakra Energy Meditation to support and awaken the kundalini.  Attention and discernment is brought to the energy meditation and its elements of practice.  Individual attention is brought to each students needs.

Prerequisite: completion of 6 months of Cultivating an Intuitive Life along with an embodied daily practice with the Chakra Energetic Meditation.

Course is offered several times a year, typically a Saturday or Sunday, 10am-6pm.

Course Fee: $105.00