Herbalism & Nutrition

The Role of Herbs and Diet in Healing & Growth


herbs in healing & growth

The use of herbs by humans as medicine dates back thousands of years. While its efficacy is only beginning to be understood by modern science, the question of what, how and when to use herbal medicine in your ilfe is often misunderstood. First, there is no herb that cures a health concern for everyone.  Second, the herb, herbs or supplement needed to promote healing or growth in one's life may not match your self-diagnosis or the medical diagnosis. Third, an herbal approach to healing & growth often does not manifest the same immediate result as a pharmaceutical drug. Why? Mostly because the herb is addressing the cause of a health concern and pharmaceutical drugs primarily address symptoms. 

In dispensing herbs and supplements to my clients, the initial approach lies in supporting healing & growth through acupuncture and lifestyle change. This treatment design allows the client to begin to address the ways that we all sometimes create unnecessary suffering in our lives. Unnecessary suffering in the form of anxiety, worry and frustration create inflammation; inflammation both within the body and emotions creates a cycle that diminishes the efficacy of herbs and supplementation. An inflamed body will not absorb nutrients well and leads to deeper states of disease. In this way, by first addressing health needs through acupuncture and lifestyle change, herbs become far more effective when introduced later in the treatment approach. There are of course exceptions to this approach and every person's health profile is a unique case.

diet in Healing & Growth

The complexity of eating well in these times lies in the very unique challenges it offers to each of us. Amongst the challenges facing us includes external factors like food deserts, the proliferation of overly processed, poor quality and overly rich foods, the constraints of financial budgets and lastly, the role of internal factors such as the relationship between habituated patterns and emotional eating. For many, these factors can become overwhelming in making choices around food and food preparation. In my own earlier life, an over-reliance on eating out led to eating highly processed and overy rich foods. It also created mismanagement of food resources within the home. Nearly 10 years ago I stopped eating out on a regular basis and instead, made eating at restaurants a special and infrequent occasion. In addition and in alignment with simplifying my life, I started growing a majority of my own vegetables and as well, maintaining a flock of chickens for eggs. I still enjoy many of the sweet treats but have shifted my relationship with them so there is a far healthier balance.

When addressing diet in my healing & growth practice, my initial focus is in supporting the efficiency of the digestive system. In doing so we address possible causes of discomfort or pain, diarrhea, constipation and other gastrointestinal health concerns. Addressing these concerns may come in the form of acupuncture, herbs/supplementation or lifestyle changes. In some cases, I will employ my experience with abdominal massage and as well, teach a self-care massage practice to clients.