What is

Simplicity Farm?

Infinite Abundance. Finite Resources. Sustainable Balance. Within oneself and in the world.

Simplicity is a creative healing center. It is also a farmette (small farm) raising vegetables, fruit and laying chickens. Simplicity Farm is an expression of the healing & growth offered at the creative healing center and through the work Martin offers to his students and clients.


A sampling of Retreats, Classes, Courses, & Intensives


Cultivating An Intuitive Life- A yearlong course

Chakras in the Tree - a full day class

Integral Kundalini Awakening- an intensive offered to existing students

Silent Saturdays @Simplicity- a half day retreat


Conscious Empathy Podcast

The podcast in in development with more information coming soon…


Chakras in the Tree

Come experience an experiential day long class in the treehouse @Simplicity Farm. More details to come….