What is

Simplicity Farm?

Infinite Abundance. Finite Resources. Sustainable Balance. Within oneself and in the world.

Simplicity is a creative healing center. It is also a farmette (small farm) raising vegetables, fruit and laying chickens. Simplicity Farm is an expression of the healing & growth offered at the creative healing center and through the work Martin offers to his students and clients.

Look below for upcoming events at Simplicity and other locations.


Retreats, Classes, Courses, Intensives

Silent Saturdays @SimplicityFarm Feb 9th

Cultivating An Intuitive Life- A yearlong course February 24th

Integral Kundalini Awakening- February 10th

Conscious Empathy and the Beatitudes- March 6th


Conscious Empathy Podcast

The podcast in in development with more information coming soon…


Silent Saturdays @Simplicity Farm

In recognition of the need for more quiet in the world, we have created Silent Saturdays. Once a month at Simplicity Farm we host a Silent Retreat.