Simplicity Farm

In renewing the ancient connection between Healing & Growth, we each uniquely fulfill our deep expression of purpose.


The unique path of Healing & Growth within each of us allows the freedom to heal while learning to know oneself more deeply. Healing or Growth, without the other, is incomplete in the same way yin is incomplete without yang. They are companions and in this way complete each other.


Martin Perkins is a healing presence who practices as a Consciousness Teacher, Acupuncturist, and Herbalist.


Through conscious practice of life, stillness, presence and the gentle embrace of wisdom become embodied.

Through Acupuncture, Healing & Growth are brought into balance. A balance that enables us to transmute the root cause of disease and pain. Symptoms become the guide rather than the problem.

Through herbalism and a balanced diet, the body becomes a sustaining vessel capable of vibrancy and strength.