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A funny thing happened while I was busy doing lots of things... I answered my own call. I had spent decades of life busily filling my mind and my days with stuff. Often interesting and important stuff but stuff nonetheless. This stuff often filled my life with activity and created the illusion that I was deeply connected to purpose. I explored enough in stillness and presence to create a general sense of inner practice but never chose to actually dive in. To answer my own call.

As 2011 carried into 2012, I answered the call. I began an unfolding that continues to this day. I do so through immersive stillness practice, journal writing in its many forms, and a deep surrender into the warm embrace of my soul. There have been many bumps to go along with the beauty, the quiet and the peace that comes with the practice. I allow my practice to guide how I live my life.

After 2+ years of practice, the next phase in the journey began. To share my gifts with others through teaching and within acupuncture treatments. Within acupuncture I offer my clients effective approaches to the challenges of their lives. Approaches that allow them an effective acupuncture treatment within a sense of stillness and reflection that allows Healing & Growth to occur.

The first course I offered, Embodied Presence, focuses on helping us bring our stillness practice into day-to-day life in the form of presence (the practice of being present). It is a 8-class course that meets every other week over 16 weeks. Not long after Embodied Presence, I offered Cultivating An Intuitive Life, a yearlong course that meets monthly for 4 hours. Inclusive within the course is mentoring provided on an on-need basis.

As I developed greater awareness of the trajectory of my teaching work, a 2nd and 3rd year were added to complete the Healing & Growth process for my students. The 2nd year, Bringing the Light into Every Moment, takes the process of self-knowledge into a deeper practice within presence. The 3rd year, Living the Dream of Truth, gives wings to the embodiment of stillness, presence and expression of truth in the world. The 3 years of work in its entirety is The Language of the Soul: A Three-Year Unfolding.

I am grateful to share that in Summer 2017 I began to graduate into the world students who have completed the three years of deep and embodied work in stillness, presence and the warm embrace of the soul.

A Conscious Approach to the Beatitudes: The Inner Work of Yeshua ben Joseph is a course offering focusing on connecting through presence to the core teachings of Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus Christ. This is a non-doctrinal, non-dogmatic approach to the Beatitudes.

Two new retreats being added summer 2019:

Chakras in the Tree June 15th 2019

The Root Chakra: a Creative Exploration Of Our Inner Depth July 20th 2019

The key within all of the courses is the recognition that how we practice and how we make life choices determines how we experience the outcome of each and every moment.


What Others Say

With acupuncture, insight, and guidance, Martin helped me immensely during my two pregnancies. He encouraged me to find a sense of knowing that allowed me to become grounded, both physically and emotionally, during my transitions into motherhood. Martin was invaluable when it came to filling the many gaps left by the medical team during my pregnancies, and brought my care full circle to include my emotional, physical, and spiritual self. As a result of our work, I was able to feel confident in my decisions, and trust in my ability to birth my children with love and peace. Josette J

I came to Martin with a diagnosis of endometriosis and was seriously considering surgery. I am so glad I chose acupuncture instead -- within weeks of my first treatment my pain and other debilitating symptoms disappeared. In addition to acupuncture I am also participating in a year long class Martin offers called Cultivating an Intuitive Life. I feel that this combination is healing my body of endometriosis. -Erin U

I now have a stronger sense of peace, not because everything goes my way, but because I am able to BE with life as it is and I am able to hear, more clearly, the call of my soul. My work with Martin over the last several years has given me a lot more clarity. I have learned to use my practice (meditation, presence, stillness, etc.) as a way to observe, know and accept myself in a deeper way. -Linda J.

It was hard to trust my core wisdom and my own journey. Working with Martin, I was able to shed toxic, self-destructive, worry tendencies that I tended to hold. I learned how to treat myself with kindness and to listen to my core wisdom to find an immediate sense of space, place, and self.  -Ben U.

As a result of my work with Martin, more and more of my decisions come from a deep knowing. I trust in my ability to care for myself, give myself space to be right where I am, to feel what I feel, and not get stuck there. It's an amazing sense of empowerment. The distrustful, anxious, angry person that I was has given way to someone who is at peace, stronger, and more self-aware than at any prior point in my life.  -Rachel M.




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