Pi and Healing

Pi and Healing

Effective healing work is intended to transform our core wound from the past by active transmutative processes in the present. Tools can often include acupuncture, herbs, stillness and transformational practices like meditation. Meditation and other transformational tools are broad in orientation and ultimately can include awareness of the breath, emotional release, and energetic presence (working in an active meditative state with the chakras for example).

The meeting point between the finite and the infinite is expressed in the healing space of presence whether it be in the treatment room or the grocery store. This meeting point is expressed in each moment in its optimal form as cultivated presence. Cultivated presence is the process of unfolding our deepest expressed understanding of the moment. This consciousness is a basic in nature and requires nothing more than a willingness to access silence within. This silence opens up access to see within the opportunity before us as the healing moment it truly is. This practice is both deep stillness or silence and a willingness to bring the fullness into its manifest moment. It may be a gesture, a smile, a posture, a song or word(s), the creation of an herbal protocol, an acupuncture needle treatment or an intense challenge to the client's notion of self. Its expression is limitless and yet simultaneously precise. It is a manifestation of pi.

Pi or ð is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter in
Euclidean geometry, approximately 3.14159....... Pi is a mathematical constant
and a transcendental (and therefore irrational) real number, with many uses
in mathematics, physics, engineering and healing. It is also known as Archimedes'

By its very definition it is a mathematical and cosmic relationship between a finite
distance (the diameter) and its infinite correspondent (the circle in its infinite expression). Where the spirit meets the rational. The descriptive terms used in its definition help us to see its larger meaning. Terms like transcendental, irrational and real.

Pi is a meeting point between the immediacy of the finite and linear aspect of life and the cyclically patterned seasonal nature of human existence. It carries a perfection that does not require a belief system or the adaptation of a philosophy. It is simply a meeting point where math meets faith. Where healing holds a potential because of the inherent need for healing and growth to manifest in every moment.

Seemingly random yet exactingly precise. Mathematicians have carried the expression of pi into the billions of digits. This precision expressed as a random sequence is a direct metaphor for conscious living. There is only one optimal expression in each moment and if we as fallible human beings do not recognize this one optimal expression in any given moment yet another moment arises that carries the potential for yet another optimal expression. It goes on infinitely and the only condition placed on its healing expression is silence. The silence we access when the egoic mind is stilled and another understanding, a transcendent mind, arises from that which is derived from this silence. Inexplicable choices and new possibilities. As an expression of presence it carries the undeniable resonance of personal truth that human beings aspire to yet only find through a willingness to practice being silent. To offer this truth to another is both love and surrender to the moment and the acknowledgement of the possibility of the other expressing presence as well.

Precision without pattern. Pi requires no holy grail, theology or religiosity to understand or accept it. It is the place where math and logic meet faith. The distinction drawn here is that the logic expressed here is not the rote logic of limited thought but the transcendent logic that is the highest possible offering made in the inquiry of pi. This is especially important today in a world where the gifts of science and math have been kidnapped by a culture that has separated math and science from the rich stories that constitute a life manifested in presence Pi is the pivot point or fulcrum of interweaving the richness of storytelling and conscious understanding more fully into human existence. To exchange the potential void of moment after moment lived in anxious anticipation or refracted worry for the deep and fulfilling silence of resonant personal connection to each moment.

This precise and random silent expression carries an exchanged cost in life. It is a resonance that all souls are called to yet only a few to date choose to pursue. It's manifest gift brings us into direct connection with life purpose and its cost in the willingness to let go of that which no longer serves us. To surrender to a practice that carries us deeper and deeper into a precision that is unordered. We know not what may come next and yet the practice in faith calls us to continual surrender.

Rumi says what you seek is seeking you. He is speaking of this moment of surrender in the precise and random nature of conscious living when you fall into rhythm with this inexplicable pattern and life purpose meets you head on. The life purpose spoken here exists only in each moment and may only be seen as life purpose after being observed over a measure of time. Life purpose is not a pronouncement as much as an unfolding of intention and surrender as met within the moment.

The languaging of these processes as expressed through a conscious understanding of pi may appear as dogma to the limited mind because of the insistence on the precise nature of the conscious work needed to manifest in this nexus point of pi. It is a practice. It is a calling to a precise and challenging practice. It inherently calls the aspirant to self-love and compassion. The willingness to be open and receptive to this healing nexus called pi is in its highest form a call to love and truth. A love and truth that humanity is screaming out for yet knows not what sits within its grasp as we bear witness to humanity living out its moments not here but both within the past and the future. A constant interplay between frustration, worry and anxiety. These three emotions dwell physiologically as well as emotionally within unconscious living offering nothing more than shadow play. A constant vortex of unnecessary suffering contained within the hopeless grasping of anticipation or the recurrent thoughts, beliefs or feelings propelling worry and frustration.

Though we live in a world where there are many solutions offered for all of life's ills, none so painstakingly and precisely offer each individual their own individual roadmap to healing and growth as a conscious choice to live life within this precise and random application of life force called Pi.

Martin Perkins