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Silent Saturdays @Simplicity Farm- The Stillness of Winter

In recognition of the need in the world for more quiet, we have created Silent Saturdays. Once a month here at Simplicity Farm we host a Silent Retreat. Our February 9th retreat offers the opportunity to step into the depths & stillness of winter. These retreats provide opportunities to be both inside and outside - meditation, yoga, journalling, forest bathing at the treehouse. The opportunity to rest, rejuvenate and regenerate. The days activities are open-ended with each participant choosing how to spend their day in silence. A day of silence is a powerful way to be with yourself while supported by the presence of community.

As we step into silence, as we settle within, as we breathe, our thoughts also settle. We are able to hear our own wisdom arising from within. In the process our inner critic, our fears and anxieties are carried from the shadows and brought to the light of conscious awareness. With time and space within silence, we allow the space of silence to create healing and growth.

At 2pm we break our silence and talk about our experience and as well discuss ways to allow inner quiet to meet our daily lives effectively.

Where: Simplicity Farm 18441 Queen Anne Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Who: Facilitators: Martin Perkins and Linda Jackson

How: To register email

Donation – we accept donations as an exchange for the time and space provided for healing and growth.

Martin is a consciousness teacher, Acupuncturist and Herbalist who offers courses and treatment bringing Healing & Growth into light and balance within. Courses include Integral Kundalini Awakening, Cultivating an Intuitive Life, and A Conscious Approach to the Beatitudes.

Linda is a facilitator with the Stillwater by the Chesapeake Meditation Group and is a certified Yoga Therapy instructor. She has studied in various traditions of stillness practice and recently completed a Three-Year Course in Healing & Growth with Martin.