The Peace of Healing & Growth

Healing or Growth, without the other, is incomplete in the same way yin is incomplete without yang. They are companions and in this way complete each other. Healing & growth are not so much opposites as balancers that serve us in living a vibrant life.

Healing, through this lens, is the process of bringing life to soundness, to resolve. Its root, kailo, means to make whole.

Growth is to augment, to expand. Growth within this context is not so about development as much as an awakening process.

Wholeness or wholism carries a larger meaning than to simply cure an ailment. To heal in its truest sense wholistically embodies growth. It acknowledges that who we are as human beings is defined by our choices and how we make those choices. To make conscious choices brings healing and growth into union. To make unconscious choices creates discord.

A choice, even the same choice made from reactivity, is not the same as a choice made from presence. Why is this so? Any choice made from reactivity or non-presence is like falling into a hole and not knowing how you got there. Examples of reactive choices are those made from anxiety (anticipation), worry (overthinking) and frustration (anger). If you weren't present making the choice, the wisdom that guides our healing & growth is not accessed consciously. Making wise choices occurs by accident in reactivity. Like falling into a hole. Even if the choice ends up appearing wise it is accidental wisdom. Accidental wisdom is like any accident. Accidents are not replicable.

This is why HOW we practice life matters so much. We can access through conscious decision-making wise choices on a consistent basis. This process of making wise choices is the direct result of the practice of presence. In a matter of speaking, we are all wise. Its expression comes in the practice. Presence as a practice is in large part the product of a practice in stillness. There are many ways to quiet or still the mind. Meditation, yoga, scriptural contemplation, qi gong, and tai chi are but a few of the ways. Stillness matters because it enables the part of us who can witness the moment or the observer to be active. We can't see we are largely absent within reactivity. A practice in stillness activates the observer and potentiates a choice within presence.

Presence and the observer in active practice potentiates another opportunity as well. In accessing wisdom within our choices, we experience a peacefulness within. Within wisdom we know our truth and experience peace. This peacefulness arises as a result of qualities that manifest within our depth of wisdom. Namely, gratitude, forgiveness and trust. These qualities are the foundation of the peace found within faith. A faith that is distinct from the cycle of belief and doubt that permeate our world within non-presence. A faith that manifests the authentic love we all seek to share in the world.

Coming full circle, I have outlined the HOW within a life practice that potentiates an embodied peace in life. Healing & growth, within the practice, is the WHY. It is why we are here, and it is as well the universal path that connects to us to purpose. Purpose has a multitude of expressions however it is most effective when the expression of why and how are answered clearly in practice. HOW and Why, expressed through depth and stillness, creates PEACE.